Oakley Canopy PRIZM Snow Goggles with Jade

Oakley Canopy PRIZM Snow Goggles with Jade Iridium Lens

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The Oakley Canopy PRIZM Snow Goggles let you oversize your field of view without compromising fit. The Canopy features a large lens design that expands peripheral view in every direction.

The PRIZM™ Jade Iridium lens is ideal for partly cloudy to sunny conditions with a VLT of 11-20%. PRIZM lens technology has been in development for 15 years, and the primary driver for this technology is to better understand what you want to see in the environment and minimize the compromises your eyes have to make. With these lenses, PRIZM technology enhances visibility of snow contours, bumps and textures. It also covers a wider range of light conditions than standard lenses. UV protection of Plutonite® lens filters out 100% of UVA/ UVB/ UVC & harmful blue light up to 400nm.


Medium to Large Frame Size PRIZM Snow Jade Iridium Lens (VLT 11-20%) Optically correct Dual-Vented Lens with F3 Anti-fog coating Injection Molded Polycarbonate under extreme pressure to create a precise contour of optically correct geometry Discreet frame notches at temple for compatibility with most RX eyewear frames Oakley's patented O Flow Arch allows for easy breathing and unrestricted airflow Flexible O Matter™ frame conforms to your face for optimized comfort and fit Eyeglass Compatible Helmet Compatible

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Lens material: Plutonite Anti-Fog Coating: F3

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