Some skiers feel that the tow boat drags them too much when they use a two-foot deep water start for slalom water skiing. A one-foot deep water start causes the slalom ski to plane faster because the skier can lean forward more than in a two-foot start.

Here's how to do a one-foot start on a slalom ski:

  1. Position your front foot in your water ski boot, and let your back foot trail in the water.
  2. Bring your front knee to your chest.
  3. As in a two-foot start, position your ski at a 45-degree angle to your tow boat, with approximately 12 inches of ski emerging from the water.
  4. As your boat starts, keep your lead knee bent while your back leg stays in the water for balance.
  5. Stand up slowly, and don't rush to put your back foot in the rear strap, although you can balance your foot lightly on the slalom ski. Instead, focus on body position and balance. Keep your arms straight and your shoulders back and down.
  6. Look straight ahead. When you feel balanced, slide your back foot into the rear water ski binding.