Waterproof backpacks are excellent options for wilderness travelers, as well as for international travelers who are carrying gear while exploring a city.

Some features to keep in mind when selecting backpacks include:

Space: Even if you are traveling for several weeks, pack your hiking pack as lightly as possible. Plan to do some laundry, or buy something if you truly need it. Use travel accessories such as an Eagle Creek Pack It Compression Sac to reduce the volume of bulkier clothes.

Straps: For all-day hiking, be sure you have a proper hiking pack with the right straps for cushioning and weight distribution. If you want a backpack for convenience in getting to and from your destination, check out a style with less-supportive straps that can be stowed behind a panel for traveling by air, train, or bus.

Supplemental packs: Some types of waterproof backpacks have removable daypacks. This style is ideal for travelers who can leave a large backpack at a hotel and take the day pack for cameras, water, jackets, and other sightseeing gear. A detachable daypack also is useful for day hikers who want to leave a larger hiking pack at a campsite.