Currently, there is plenty of options on how to take the items you need on your next adventure. However, in your efforts to pack as light as possible, a common question occurs. "Should I bring a duffel or wheeled bag?" There are pros and cons to both types of luggage, but it depends on how you are traveling, how much you’re packing, and which bag feels more comfortable to you. These are all factors to consider when choosing one or the other.

Wheeled Luggage

Durable luggage with wheels is an excellent choice for business travelers, or for recreational travelers who won't be carrying their luggage around daily. For example, the North Face Rolling Thunder 22 travel bag features a light and user-friendly design. This includes handles on the top, bottom, and side, for easy retrieval from the baggage carousel and a sherpa strap to attach additional bags. Wheeled luggage is convenient for travelers to maneuver around an airport, and can often have more features, such as expanders, than a duffel bag. A wheeled carry-on bag is great for business travelers or short trips because they are convenient. Most can fit in an overhead bin, so you can avoid the fees of a checked bag. Also, wheeled luggage has a more rigid exterior, making it harder to overpack and it makes the bag less likely to get damaged during travel.

Duffel Bags

Remember, a hiking pack with wheels is not a good choice for backpacking trips, but backpacks or duffel bags with wheels can be useful for the casual traveler who won't be carrying the bag around all day. Wheeled duffel bags are lighter in weight than wheeled suitcases and contain many of the same organizational features. The Athalon 29-inch 15-Pocket duffel bag has a total of fifteen interior and exterior pockets to separate boots, laundry, or other items from the main compartment. It also features sealed in-line skate wheels for smooth handling. While wheeled luggage has a more rigid exterior, duffel bags have more space to fit bulkier items such as sweaters or a ski jacket because of the flexible material on their exterior. The downside to nonwheeled duffel bags is that they have to be lugged around without any of the assistance compared to wheeled luggage.

There is no doubt that both duffel bags and wheeled luggage will successfully get you to your detitanation, it is now just up to which bag you prefer. For more expert advice on travel luggage, visit your local Sun & Ski Sports before your next trip.