Wakeboarders who are adept at riding both forward and backward want a fairly neutral stance when they are placing each wakeboard binding. What is a neutral stance? Think about how you would naturally stand on the ground, but with your feet pointed slightly out, like a duck. This stance lets you perform equally well in either direction.

Here are some guidelines for placing your wakeboarding bindings in a neutral position for expert moves:

Front: Set the front wakeboard binding about four holes from the front.

Back: Set the back wakeboard binding about three holes from the back.

Both bindings should be set at nine-degree angles.

Sometimes you can buy wakeboard packages that include both wakeboards and bindings, or you can choose different bindings to go with any wakeboard, and then use the various holes in the wakeboard and binding plates to customize your stance.

For expert advice about binding placement for advanced wakeboarding, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.