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Home > Gear Guides > What are some tips for water skiing in cold weather?

What are some tips for water skiing in cold weather?

Dedicated water skiers need not put their skis away when the weather is chilly. Water skiers, as well as driver and passengers in the tow boat, can enjoy the water on a cold day by taking the proper precautions to avoid frostbite and hypothermia. Keep these tips in mind for safe water skiing in colder weather:

  • Dress right. Make sure you wear a wetsuit or a drysuit. For temperatures colder than 65 degrees, consider a drysuit, which is heavier than a wetsuit but keeps you warmer. Other cold-weather water ski accessories include water ski gloves, water ski booties, and water ski hoods.
  • Heat up. Bring a cooler full of warm water onto the tow boat, and warm up your gloves and hood while waiting for your turn to water ski.
  • Wrap up. Bring blankets and other warm layers to wrap up in when you are riding on the tow boat.

Remember that water skiing in a drysuit takes more effort because the heavier material is harder to move around in, so you will probably get tired sooner than you would water skiing on a warm day. Pay attention to your fatigue, and don’t overdo it.

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