Leki Voyager Expander Trekking Poles
Leki Voyager Expander Trekking Poles
Leki Voyager Expander Trekking Poles

Leki Voyager Expander Trekking Poles

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The Leki Voyager Expander Trekking Poles are super strong, lightweight aluminum hiking poles with the internal Classic Expander Lock and soft positive angle grips. Leki Classic Expander Lock offers an approved system that is easy handling and quick to adjust. The PA Safety Grip has an integrated positive angle with strap safety system. Feel the power, save your knees, improve power and endurance. Poles enable you to use your upper body muscles to help preserve your joints. This pole does NOT feature Antishock technology. Leki hiking poles are the undisputed standard of excellence for adventurers around the globe. They are the most dependable, revolutionary poles in the world. Adventure seekers who climb the world’s tallest mountains, casual day hikers who follow a well-defined relatively flat path and active people looking for added support after surgery all benefit from the added balance and stability of LEKI poles. Using Trekking Poles helps distribute weight evenly and absorbs added shock to your knees and back when traveling different terrain.


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PAS Soft Grip Lock Security Strap Classic Expander Lock System Performance Basket Carbide Flex Tip Ultra Sonic Finish
Tech Specs
Lightweight Aluminum (18/16/14mm) HTS 6.0 Weight: 19.4 oz Length: 65-145 cm