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When should I wear a wetsuit for water skiing?

If you will be water skiing in cooler weather conditions, a wetsuit should be part of your water ski equipment.

How cold is too cold for water skiing? One rule of thumb is the “100-degree rule,” which says that the water temperature plus the air temperature should equal at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit for safe water skiing, provide you have the right water ski accessories.

In general, if the water is colder than 65 degrees Fahrenheit, consider a full wetsuit. For water temperatures in the 60- to 70-degree range, a short-sleeved wetsuit is usually a comfortable choice.

The O’Neil Men’s Hammer 2.1 mm Spring Wetsuit is an ideal choice for when the water temperature is about 65 to 72 degrees and feels cool when you first get in. This wetsuit features high-stretch neoprene, an adjustable neck, and zones of padding to reduce chafing.

For expert advice about choosing the right wetsuit for different water skiing conditions, visit your local Sun & Ski Sports shop.

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