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What are some types of water purifiers?

Most water purifiers available for hiking and camping fall into three categories, each with their pros and cons:

  • Chemical: The chemical method of water purification involves using iodine tablets. Iodine tablets are easy to carry and take up less space than a mechanical filter, but iodized water can leave an unpleasant aftertaste, and it is not recommended for use by anyone with a thyroid condition, or by pregnant women.
  • Mechanical: Mechanical water filtration involves using a pump to draw water through a mechanical filter that physically strains out sediment and microorganisms. Pumps have become quite compact and popular for hiking and backpacking, but they take time to use, and they can occasionally become clogged.
  • Mixed oxidants: Mixed oxidants, or Miox purifiers, use a combination of salt and battery-generated electric current to create a solution that destroys microorganisms in your water. A Miox purifier is lightweight and easy to use, but you do need to be sure that the batteries are working, and carry replacement batteries.

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