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How do I take care of my water skiing wetsuit?

In addition to your skis, your wetsuit is one of your most valuable pieces of water ski equipment. A wetsuit is a significant investment, so it is worth understanding how to care for it and store it properly so it will last longer and perform better.

Here are some simple tips for storing your wetsuit or drysuit the right way, so it is ready for your next day of water skiing.

  • Rinse it. Rinse your wetsuit thoroughly after use, especially if you have been out in salt water. Salt water is especially corrosive to a water skiing wetsuit.
  • Dry it. Don’t store your wetsuit until it is completely dry. If you turn your wetsuit inside out to dry, be sure to turn it back again once it is dry, to avoid excess stress on the seams.
  • Stuff it. When storing their wetsuits for the winter, some skiers like to stuff their suits with newspaper to avoid deep creases.

Visit your local Sun & Ski Sports Shop for expert advice about caring for wetsuits, drysuits, and other water ski equipment.

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