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What are some features of a wrist GPS?

A GPS watch lets you take Global Positioning System technology on the road or on the trail. Your wrist GPS has several functions that can prove extremely useful on a backpacking trip:

  • Showing where you are: A GPS watch gives your latitude and longitude so you know where you are at any particular moment.
  • Showing where you want to be: You can plan a route using a wrist GPS, identifying coordinates of points along the way from a trail head to a campsite, for example.
  • Showing how to get there: A GPS watch conveniently directs you from one point to another along your route.
  • Showing where you’ve been: Use your wrist GPS to set track points at designated time or distance intervals (such as every mile or every 10 minutes), and use these points to retrace your steps.

Remember that a GPS watch might not function well in heavily wooded areas without an additional antenna, and don’t rely solely on a wrist GPS for navigation—take a compass and map on any hike.

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