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What are some advantages of LED over a traditional camping lantern?

A camping lantern is an important part of your overnight outdoor gear for both safety and comfort. Several camping lanterns are available, with different types of bulbs. An LED light costs more than a standard, battery-powered light, but it might well be a worthwhile investment. Advantages of LED lights include:

  • Size: LED (light-emitting diode) technology allows bulbs to be smaller, so LED lights can be more compact, which makes them an ideal choice for utralight camping.
  • Strength: Hiking lights with LED bulbs use much less battery power than traditional a traditional camping lantern.
  • Sustainability: LED lights are durable, and they can be stored in emergency bags or first aid kits for the long term.

The Pelican Mitylite 2440 Photoluminescent Body LED Flashlight is a compact, useful LED light to have on hand. The light takes four double A batteries, and the body of the light glows in the dark to make it easy to find.

For expert advice about selecting a hiking light or camping lantern, visit your local Sun & Ski Sport shop.

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