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Home > Gear Guides > Do trail trekking poles detract from a workout?

Do trail trekking poles detract from a workout?

The way trail trekking poles work has to do with physics and the transfer of weight. For example, when you are climbing up a hill using trail trekking poles, the poles will reduce the strain on your legs by transferring some of the weight of your body (and any gear you are hauling) to the hiking trekking poles.

Some other benefits of trail trekking poles include:

  • More power: Trail trekking poles add thrust to your movement.
  • More energy: With the added power you get from a Leki pole or other trail trekking poles, you’ll be able to hike for longer periods of time without getting tired.
  • More exercise: For those of you who think that using hiking trekking poles detracts from hiking as exercise, think again. In fact, you’ll be engaging your arm and shoulder muscles in a way that you would not if you were not using trail trekking poles. (Think cross-country skiing.)

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