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What are some rules for geocaching with a portable GPS system?

Portable GPS systems aren't only for professional trail guides or adventure racers. Geocaching has become a popular recreational activity that lets anyone play with a portable GPS system.

Here's how geocaching works: Individuals throughout the U.S., and around the world, hide a waterproof box of miscellaneous items, often including a small notebook and disposable camera, and the exact coordinates of the items are posted on a geocaching website. The game for participants is to use a portable GPS device to find their way to the exact coordinates and identify the cache.

Any portable GPS device can be used for geocaching: a sport GPS watch, other types of GPS running watches, or any portable GPS device.

Rules of Geocaching:
Geocaching is an informal activity, but when you use your GPS running watches or other portable GPS system, observe some common rules of courtesy. Don't disrupt the environment as you follow whatever trail leads you to the cache, and don't hide your own caches in national parks or on private property. There's no cost to join; just search online for “geocaching,” and you’ll find numerous websites to get you started.

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