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What camping fuel is used in a solid fuel camping stove?

Some common types of fuel for camping stoves include:

  • Liquid petroleum gas: Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) includes propane, isobutane, and butane. LPG is available in closed fuel canisters that are ready to use and require minimal maintenance. An LPG stove, such as a butane camping stove, provides immediate maximum heat output. However, an LPG stove does cost more than other options for camping stoves, and it is not as effective as other types of camping fuel in extremely cold weather.
  • Liquid fuel: Liquid fuel choices include paraffin and white gas. These types of camping fuel are relatively inexpensive. A camping stove that uses liquid camping fuel takes a bit longer to set up than one that uses LPG, but a liquid fuel stove is more durable. Some camping stoves can take diesel fuel, but it should be a last resort because diesel can make your stove clog and your campsite smell like a gas station.
  • Solid fuel: Solid fuel camping stoves use a fuel tablet made from hexamine or a similar product. Solid fuel camping stoves are easiest to carry for ultralight camping, but they are the least effective. However, if you have room, they can serve as a backup if your more efficient stove is lost or damaged.

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