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How do I make sure my camping lantern will work?

If you use a battery-powered camping lantern or headlamp, be sure to keep some battery basics in mind, so you don’t end up in the dark.

  • Make the right match: Battery type matters. For example, do not use a lithium battery in a camping lantern or headlamp that is not specifically designed for lithium batteries, or you risk ruining your lamp.
  • Bond with your batteries: Yes, batteries get cold, and when they get cold, they don’t work as well. If you have alkaline batteries, and you are hiking or camping in cold temperatures (meaning colder than 20 degrees Fahrenheit) then keep the extra batteries with you in your sleeping bag at night.
  • Watch the wattage: A higher-wattage camping lantern or hiking light will burn through your batteries faster than a lower-wattage light, so think about how much brightness you need versus how many batteries you want to bring on your camping trip.

Visit your local Sun and Ski Sports shop for expert advice about camping lanterns, batteries, and hiking lights.

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